Coaching Information

People interested in coaching for TK Soccer Club for the Fall season need to make sure they have the proper minimum license level to be able to coach within the CJSL (League rule). The minimum license level is required for all coaches listed on the roster.

U6, U8, and U10 teams: Pre F license (3.5 hr course) 1 night (classroom)

U12 teams: F license (8 hr course) 2 days (1 night and 1 field session)
These courses are provided free of charge for CJSL members only. Parents who are unfamiliar with the sport of soccer and wish to learn some of the basics as well as how CJSL operates (as a whole) are encouraged and welcomed to attend a Pre F course. Also, if their kids play in those age groups stated above; they will have the ability to obtain the license should they choose to help coach a team.
It is also recommended that people who have a general knowledge of playing soccer attend the F course. It will qualify and individual the ability to coach in any age group up to and including U12's. 
People wanting to sign for any of these courses should email the CJSL Coaching Coordinator Mike Hodges at Information needed is contact number, club coaching, and date you wish to attend. We take care of the rest.
F COURSES (to coach U12):
• Fri July 25th 6pm-9pm & Sat July 26th all day
• Fri August 8th 6pm-9pm & Sat August 9th all day
• Fri August 22nd 6pm-9pm & Sat August 23rd all day
• Fri Sept 12th 6pm-9pm & SUNDAY Sept 14th all day
PRE F COURSES (to coach U6, U8, U10):   TBD
As stated before; CJSL provides these courses free to its members and all are encouraged to attend. Please email ahead of time to ensure all coaching material is able to be provided (limited materials).